Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dont let me go.

He smiles.
He laughed.
He gave courage to others.
He don't want everyone to be sad.
He knew that everyone tried hard.
But he forgot to do that to himself.

He kept if by himself.
He decided to end it.
To end the pain.
How hard is it to be him?
How hard is it to be someone that didn't have anyone to hold on?

Nobody is perfect.
Pray to Allah to give you strength on your lowest time.
Talk to Allah.
Cry to Him.
He will help you.
Cause Allah's timing is never wrong.
Have faith. He wants you to wait a little bit more.

Smile peeps xoxo.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

dusk till dawn.

The feeling when you loved someone,
and you just wanna see him happy,
with her,
with his life,
you tried everything you could,
just to protect his smile,
even without you,
thats when you realized that,
love is true,
love didnt betray you,
love always win.